Row 1

Model CB

baseboard heater
120, 208, 240 volt
350-1500 watts

Design perfected over 50 years, is safe, durable and economical. The ceramic thermal storage core never leaks or explodes like fluid-filled baseboards.

Model K

baseboard heater
120, 208, 240, 277 volt
375 through 2,500 watts

Ideal for apartments or rental property. Low initial cost and low maintenance. Use along outside walls to cover cold floors with a blanket of heat.

Model KP1215-ECO

portable heater
120 volt
750-1,500 watts

The KP1215-ECO with EcoStat automatically uses the lowest wattage required to heat the room, reducing energy consumption. The EcoStat ensures consistent comfort.

Row 2

Model KP

portable heater
120 volt
1,000 watts

Silent, rugged, portable baseboard heater. This unit is an easy way to add supplementary warmth to any room. Tip-over, shut off switch comes standard.