Row 1

Model PAW-U

wall heater
120, 208, 240, 277 volt
250-2250 watts

The original multi-watt steel fin heater with modern Ultra grill. Heats quietly and efficiently and looks good while doing it.

Model PAW

wall heater
120, 208, 240, 277 volt
250-2250 watts

The original multi-watt steel fin heater. High mass steel element transfers heat quietly and efficiently. Our most popular residential fan-driven heater.

Model PZ

wall heater
120,208,240,277 volt
750-2000 watts

High quality, dependable with single-wattage element, allows a range of output settings. Ideal for use in apartment applications.

Row 2

Model W

wall heater
120, 208, 240 volt
500-2400 watts

Highest quality economy heater available. Modern design, makes it both attractive and durable, perfect for apartments or as supplemental heating in homes.

Model WHF

wall heater
120, 208, 240 volt
500-2,400 watts

Extreme value, combining open-coil wire element’s quick heat with a tangential blower. Ideal for apartments, bathrooms, or where instant heat is desired.

Model LPW

large wall heater
120, 208, 240, 277 volt
1250-4000 watts

Our most popular large wall heater. Residential or commercial use. Efficient, fan-driven heater with a high quality built-in thermostat.

Row 3

Model KTW

kickspace Heater
120, 208/240 volt
Adjustable Multi-Wattage 250-1500 watt

Horizontal or Vertical mount kick-space heater for bathrooms and kitchens. Adjustable Multi-wattage comfort.

Model LPWA

architectural heater
120, 208, 240, 277 volt
1500-4500 watts

Perfect for entryways, hallways and other public areas. Heavy grille, sturdy frame and tamper resistant screws make it an ideal fit for high traffic spaces.

Model LPWV

vandal-resistant heater
208, 240, 277 volt
1250-1500 watts

Heavy grille, 1” steel frame withstands heavy abuse. Tamper-resistant screws and out-of-reach controls help protect this fan-driven heater.

Row 4

Model KT

kickspace heater
120, 208/240 volt
500 to 1500 watts

Narrow profile heater fits perfectly under kitchen or bathroom cabinets to heat cold floors. Retrofit grille easily replaces older kickspace heaters.

Model SL

surface mounting wall heater
120, 208, 240 volt
250-2250 watt

Slim line heater, able to be mounted at floor level. Pic-A-Watt element provides easy replacement of many different size baseboard heaters.

Model KAWH

large architectural heater
208, 240, 277 and 480 volt
1125 to 8000 watts

Provides heavy duty elegance in an architectural heater, and quick heat in areas affected by cold drafts. Aluminum front panel available in several colors.

Row 5

Model EFW

large wall heater
120, 208, 240 volt
200 to 4800 watts

Affordable, high-wattage, fan driven heater. Open-coil element quickly heats rooms up to 400 square feet. For use with remote thermostat.